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Hayy! I'm Intan Rabiatul Natasha a blogger from Klang, Selangor. I'm sorry if i took so much time to keep updating my blog. Currently studying at Unimas :D ;)

P/S:I am now a degree student.

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Assalamualaikum and Hello!

It has been days since I was in dark moments of my life and my birthday seems to be the end of it. The mistake i should not have done was falling in love. It hurts me every time and in every way it could. True love never exist. When a boy come to you and said he wants to love you for the rest of his live, he is fucking lying! We all know what boys need. PLEASURE. They want to seek pleasure that's all even if they dont think they are actually need that from girls. They liked girls. Trust me they only LIKE you. They dont fucking love you. Because if they really love you, they wont let you go thru all of this dear girls. They wont let you go because of just silly mistake and problems that can be solved together.

Love is Hardwork
Love is commitment
Love is about sharing
Love is to care

THAT IS WHAT LOVE FUCKING MEANS. And if you cant do that. and if you just think from your point of view you just better go fuck yourself. Because Im done. Im done with all this bullshit from fucking guy, male, men, or even XY.

I'm fucking done!

xxNana Ashaxx

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