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Hayy! I'm Intan Rabiatul Natasha a blogger from Klang, Selangor. I'm sorry if i took so much time to keep updating my blog. Currently studying at Unimas :D ;)

P/S:I am now a degree student.


Lots of Thanks

I gain this template from This awesome girl. The header was made by me using the Photoshop CS4. I got the awesome font from Dafont and the awesome photo from WHI ;)

It's Dazzling

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

A cheap tears comes from a broken heart. A heart which is owned by someone. She is unwanted. Dissapointed. Of course.. Make a big step in her life.. to heal her heart is almost impossible. To heal her beloved ones is almost impossible too. Things are not going to be the same i guess. but the stars dazzling. That stars which are uncountable makes her believe the hope are still there. The most special ring she wears makes her believe that your love will always be hers. But after all she will have to make a move and not to stay. Everything are broken now. Time will heal. I guess so. But after all, that stars and the most lovley ring will always dazzle.

xxNana Ashaxx

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