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Hayy! I'm Intan Rabiatul Natasha a blogger from Klang, Selangor. I'm sorry if i took so much time to keep updating my blog. Currently studying at Unimas :D ;)

P/S:I am now a degree student.


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I gain this template from This awesome girl. The header was made by me using the Photoshop CS4. I got the awesome font from Dafont and the awesome photo from WHI ;)


Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Habiskan masa yang terlalu berharga kat KMNS nih buat aku lupa tentang apa yang aku selalu buat dalam hidup aku. Maybe this is the real life as a student btw. You know as we grow up we confront many things in our life such as.. err. kinda lot to tell. btw this is blog is not supposed to be a diary to reveal my daily life routine or even to tell the readers what i felt. But you know.. In life we supposed to learn about how to be a good servant of Allah. And I still trying. But in my journey to try to keep myself being a good human, i have to face many obstacles. Yeah, sometimes I cant expect people to be nice with me all the time cause we are not the same riteee? 

But, saje nak cakaplah.. Menjaga hati orang sekeliling tak pernah salah.Tak pernah salah. Orang buat jahat dengan kita. But if we are wise enough we are not going to do the same thing. It is not a bad thing if you put your ego away and stop being likeeee....

Owh, aku tak hipokrit and im not going to be the one, aku akan cakap apa aku fikir and lantak hang lah nak terasa ke tak.

Konsep tak nak jadi hipokrit sebenarnya hanya untuk menyedapkan hati. Yes it is. Kalau kau terasa dengan orang pun apa kau rasa? Kau akan senyum dan diam macam aku buat? and you will say. 

Owh im finee. biasalah tuu tak amik hati pun. 

Kalau kau berdepan dengan manusia yang sebijik macam kau apa kau rasa? You will never get the same chance as I gave it to you btw. Never. Believe me. That is why aku cukup salute dengan orang yang pujuk hati sendiri nih. But kau jangan ingat orang macam ni takkan meletup. Sekali dia meletup, your day will never be the same.

And yet, you are the who being hypocrite to yourself actually cause keep saying those word to relieve yourself. 


xxNana Ashaxx

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